07 December 2010

Thanksgiving in Oriental

Oh, is it halfway through December?  I think I'll blog about Thanksgiving...

We went to Dick and Jackie's house, because the delicious food can only be beat by the wonderful company.  We always meet new people when we stop at Dick and Jackie's, and they are always some of the best people one could meet.

Thanksgiving morning started out aboard the Wild Haggis, where we kept up Jim and Beth's tradition of oyster stew for breakfast.  Some of us couldn't quite handle such rich seafood for breakfast...(oyster stew is made of butter, milk and oysters).

After that, it was home to work work work!  I've never helped prepare a Thanksgiving meal before.  It is pretty intense.  Mostly the timing of everything that needs to go in the oven and figuring out when to start each dish.

Kyle and Dick worked on peeling potatoes, while Jackie and I compiled the candied yams and stuffing balls and all the other delicious things that went into this meal.  And drank some wine.  And entertained the guests as they arrived!

Dinner was a huge success, and the laughter could be heard for miles, I'm sure.  There were a lot of new faces, and some faces that I'd apparently met before but forgotten.  As you may recall, when we first met Dick and Jackie, it was a week before Easter, and the second thing out of Jackie's mouth was "Would you like to come over for Easter dinner?"  I think they take in all the strays during the holidays.

After everyone was in a food coma, Jackie herded us all up and dressed us as pirates.  We were going pillaging!
Except what we actually did was bring desserts to a neighboring party, so it was more like reverse pillaging.  All in all, and excellent way to spend a holiday.  It was so nice to see our Oriental friends, and it's always great to meet new ones!