28 March 2014

March in Summary

March was definitely a wild ride.  Lots of big things!  Starting with the bus.
Here's the quick and dirty on March:
  • I had two books I wanted to read.  And I read 1 of them.
  • I added another tasty soup recipe!  Check out the wild rice and chicken soup here!
  • Plan out my garden!  Check out the photos below for the progress on the garden front.
  • Quick jaunt down to Indiana.  We went not once, but twice!  The second time was just in passing...on our way to pick up our new VW bus ("new" is relative here!).
  • I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I'm working my way through levels 2 and 3 this month.  Level 3 is now kicking my butt!  I'm definitely feeling the pain.
And if March was a wild ride, then April is going to be a party.
  • A lunch date w/ the fam.  We don't get together enough!
  • A block party w/ the friends.  We're hoping to take the bus!
  • I'm hoping to recreate a recipe for these awesome seared tuna tacos I had this month.
  • Some montepulciano wine needs to be bottled.  I'm not quite sure how this one will turn out.
  • This will be an intense month for the plant babies.  I've never been able to successfully grow starters of anything, so maybe this is my year!
  • Hopefully the lake will finally melt.  I'm ready.  But I hear there's two feet of ice separating me from happiness.
Okay, enough of the boring things, on to the fun photos!  We started out the month by bottling the last of our hard cider.
We went snowshoeing on the coast of Lake Michigan.
It was such a beautiful hike.  We had a great day for it.  The lake landscape is just surreal.
We followed this up with a fantastic lunch in Frankfort, MI - after checking out the lighthouse, of course.
And lastly, we hit up the brewery in town.
Nothing like beer to reward a hard morning's snowshoe trek!
We had a couple warm-ish days in March.  They took their toll.  Snow sculpture suffered.  (for reference: building, finished product, end of February)
Oh yeah!  We went to Chicago and enjoyed some hot coffee on a cold day.  Dressed in green, hit up the river, saw the sights.
Later in the month, I had some excellent seared tuna tacos with pico and avocado.  Can't wait to try making my own version.
And last but not least, here are my plant babies, on March 2 and on March 27.  What a difference a month makes!
Still having a hard time getting those peppers to grow, but the herbs are out of control!  Happy Spring!

21 March 2014

The Bus Story

Every bus has a story.  Our story is just getting started, but it's already been an adventure. 
Here's how our bus story begins.