The S/V Southern Cross

Southern Cross is a 1975 Islander 34, built by Wayfarer Yacht Corporation and finished... well, we have no idea who finished her interior. Since only 16 were built, it's been difficult to track down any decent history on her. In any case, she's a heavily built, full keeled (with a bonus of almost two tons of lead in the bottom), ocean cruiser.
For the people interested in technical details, she displaces around 15,000 pounds, carries an average of 500 square feet of sail, and will do an easy 5-6 knots in a decent breeze. The rig is ALL manual (for now). No furling, no lazy jacks, just old-fashioned hank on foresails and mainsail, raised and lowered by crew force and fear. Her auxiliary engine is a 2001 Yanmar 30HP diesel, which pushes her at about 6 knots cruising speed, with a range of 500 NM under power alone. Isn't it shiny?! 

As far as amenities and luxuries, she's somewhere between spartan and luxurious. Simple might be the best way to describe her. She sleeps up to four people comfortably in two double berths, and provides sitting room for about the same number. The galley is outfitted with a Force 10 two-burner propane stove with an infrared broiler. Baking is done in the aluminum pressure cooker. An ice box takes care of refrigeration needs, but is generally used for dry storage as we only buy what we can eat before spoilage. Twin foot pumps move both tank and seawater into the galley sink. Hot water is created in "The Blue Pot" on the stove for washing dishes or taking showers when there's no sun to heat the solar bag. There is no pressure shower aboard, but a solar shower or hot water on the stove takes care of those needs quite efficiently. Navigation is handled via sight and/or handheld GPS  on paper charts, and often SeaClear II is used as a chartplotter on the navigation laptop. Power for everything is provided by four deep-cycle batteries, with a separate bank of two dedicated to starting the diesel.

And of course for going ashore, we have the beautiful Alpha Crux, our home-built, Darcy-painted rowing dinghy.