12 June 2010

Rachel Saves the Day

So, after a trek of two miles in hundred degree heat, Kyle and I arrived at the post office.  Apparently they moved FIVE years ago - get with the program, Google!  We also stopped at Walmart, needing a few things that we couldn't pick up at the usual downtown shoppes.  And then, laden with goods, we started the trek back, watching the bank thermometer try to decide whether it was "blazing hot" or "hellish."  After about of mile of that nonsense, some angel of mercy stopped and asked how far we had to walk.  As an extra stroke of luck, he was going literally right next door to where our dinghy was parked.  And once we got home, we surveyed the damages.  Baked goodness....mmmmmmm.  I can see that my breakfast for the next week is going to consist of Mt. Dew and puppy chow (apparently no one knows what puppy chow is - Chex cereal covered in chocolate/peanut butter then coated with powdered sugar).

Kyle stole a picture of me enjoying my first luscious bites of cookie in a long time...

Then later, we made friends with a man named Robert at the day dock.  He was in a 23' 1951 Herreshoff sailboat, and he said he had been living aboard a boat for 30 - thirty! - years.  That is almost ten years before I was even born.  He was very exuberant; we really enjoyed talking to him.  He was about to board a Greyhound to NJ for a month of work.  His plan was to anchor out and then swim in to shore in the morning.  Obviously we couldn't let him do that, so we offered him a lift.  He reciprocated by inviting us to an awesome dinner of brown rice, fresh scallops and stir-fried vegetables.  It was seriously the best meal we've had in a while, Epic Nachos notwithstanding.  But of course, we hadn't gone grocery shopping in a while so we didn't really have anything to bring, except we'd just gotten some awesome baked goods and Robert had not had access to an oven in some time either, so we brought the loaf of cinnamon bread that Rachel sent, and it was a perfect end to a delicious meal.

So now we're parked at the day dock in Georgetown; I hopped ashore for a hot minute to write about what a great time we had last night.  And also, I thought this was hilarious:  apparently one of Georgetown's finest gave notice to all the derelict dinghies in the wee hours of the morning.  I have withheld his name merely because I don't like posting things like that without permission from the man in question.  Cheers!

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  1. And now, I'm a superhero! I made the blog post title AND I'm commenting. Look at me go.