28 July 2010

Mac Attack

I am going off-topic for a post.  I can't seem to manage to write more than once a week anymore anyway.  Maybe Kyle will make an appearance with some of the details of his new job.

Kyle's father has a most singular cat, Mac-Mac.  As all cats do, this one sleeps most of the day.  Unlike most cats, this one seems to be the most comfortable all twisted up.
 Yes, I am writing a blog post about a cat, and no, I am not ashamed.  I spend a good portion of my day bothering this cat, because he's is fun (and dangerous) to play with.  You see, Mac-Mac likes to bite.  Even if you're playing nice and just petting him, you still have to look out for the pointy bits because they attack without notice.  This sorry sucker here found out the hard way:
Actually this 'sorry sucker' is just Kyle.
I am also pretty sure this cat is the reason my eyes are red and itchy and I have sneezing attacks three times a day.  It's either him, or the other cat, or one of the three dogs....  Let's face it, folks, with everyone away at work all day I probably talk to animals more than people these days.  At least they don't talk back :)

Also, I would like to note that I am under the influence of Peter Gethers' The Cat Who Went to Paris, which is a pretty funny book.  Gethers writes stories about his cat, Norton, and all his antics.  I highly recommend it, though I am sad to say I do not recommend the subsequent A Cat Abroad (it isn't funny or even really about Norton).  And I have not read the third book in the series.  I should also probably tell you that our entire trip, I have been yearning for a boat cat.  I need someone to talk to who isn't Kyle.  I am very jealous of our fellow boaters who have pets aboard.  I never pictured myself for a pet person, but I think I am going to need a cat.
Nothing says comfort like curling up with some table legs.
 Kyle and I have already staked our claim in Mac-Mac in the event that his parents get divorced (they've already divided up the dogs).  Oh, and lest I forget, Mac-Mac has a strange affinity for boxes.  He just can't resist them.  So in closing, I'll share this video of the boxed cat, complete with dangerous pointy bits in action.  This is mostly just practice for uploading video, I have some funny ones from the trip that I need to put together.

Too funny...and too dangerous.  I found out the hard way that he doesn't discriminate against faces either - he find them equally as bite-able as hands.  Anyway, I hope you'll all forgive me for this useless post about a cat :P

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  1. Congrats on the job, Kyle! I hope that means you'll be back on the water soon.
    We also had a cat that loved to sit in boxes, he really liked the ones from games we were playing. We didn't own any that didn't have the corners duct taped together, as he was bigger than most of what he decided to sit in. Very cat-like.