27 February 2015

Is it Spring Yet?

So the final week of February brought us freezing rain (close all the schools!) and general hibernation.  Can we move on yet?
February was about as stressful as predicted - the first portion of it, anyway.  Now that the bus is running and my plants are growing, I'm feeling a little more relaxed.
  • We had two sets of visitors this month!  It's always so great to see people again, and we seem to get lots of visitors!  The perks of living in the southern climes...
  • Two batches of wine needed to be bottled.  Done!  Plus Kyle started an IPA and I started some chardonnay
  • Put the bus back together.  Get it running.  Bleh.  We put it back together, then it took a little extra time to get it running.
  • Go camping in the bus.  Fail.  The bus wasn't running so we didn't make it.  Well, we stopped by for a few minutes on Sunday (via car).
  • Dirt needed to be acquired and plants needed to be planted. Plants planted!  Raised beds bedded!  Dirt...tbd.
  • Start picking up more of the housework.  Hum.  I'm a terrible wife.
  • Just to add something fun - Charleston Food Truck Festival! We went, we ate, we enjoyed!  It was a good time.
That being said, this was a weird month.  We cycled back and forth between warm and cold weather, and the cold brought on a malaise I struggled to defeat.  A day out in the cold was followed by two days feeling incredibly snuggly and lazy.  I'm ready for March to start bringing more typical SC temps.
  • We attended the French Quarter Art Walk twice last year and it's become one of my favorite local events!  That's on my list for the first week of March.  The best part...
  • ...My parents will be visiting for the March Art Walk!  
  • I'm really hoping that by the end of the month we can start eating greens from our garden and stop buying them from the grocery store.
  • The chardonnay will need to be bottled, and I can get another one started.  Either a merlot or a montepulciano this time.
  • With so much bus work, the online classes I'm taking got left behind, so I need to catch up!
  • Prep the bus for the interior build - strip the housepaint, fix the rust, insulate, and scrub it clean.
Obviously February was dominated by this.
However, we still managed to get some other work done, like bottling 11 gallons (!) of wine.
Kyle started bartending this month, and we've been using his tip money for our "frivolous" spending, such as going out for Valentine's Day.
We've been lucky enough to have some good weather on the weekends - perfect working weather!
The bus engine is back in, and it stays running for more than 30 seconds.  I could finally wash it (how does it get so dirty just sitting in the garage?) and then we took it out for a day!
First destination: Folly Gras!  We made it in time to watch the parade, but we were took late to be in the parade.  Then on to foodie paradise:  the Food Truck Festival!
We tried out two delicious food trucks and also sampled from the bier garden.  Life looks a lot brighter on this side of February.  Cada dia es mejor!

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