27 November 2015

Black Friday Goals

I never do any Black Friday shopping - I rarely shop at all - but I am in the market for a new phone this year. I'm still on the hunt, I haven't found a deal good enough yet. Maybe on Cyber Monday?
November was extremely busy, we camped four out of the five past weekends, plus we urban camped last night (so no one had to drive after having a little too much...turkey). As such, the goals for November were pretty relaxed.
  • Get that ribs recipe out there!
  • First Friday Art Walk - we went, it was great, Art Walk is the best.
  • We had two volunteering gigs this month, Harvest Festival and then Festival of the Lights! Photos below.
  • Then we attended a murder mystery dinner party, which turned out to be a really good time. We met some new people!
  • A music festival campout, which was really hyped up and then turned out to be a bit of a letdown, mostly because so few of our friends could attend.
  • Thanksgiving Misgivings campout with the bus club. Part of Kyle's family also attended, and it was nice to see them again.
  • And after that Thanksgiving itself! We had some lovely friends invite us over and I'm pretty sure we overstayed our welcome, but we had a great time.
On Thanksgiving, we didn't eat all morning so when we got to our destination we were both hungry and went overboard on the appetizers. Then after that, there was homemade lowcountry boil (with crab legs! and oysters!), which was all really delicious. I think you can see where I'm going with this, but by the time we sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, it was all anyone could do to try a few bites of each dish.  Luckily, we had it all again for breakfast the next day (including dessert!), so we got to really enjoy it. Anyway, December...
  • Get cabinets in the bus. Or get new door seals on the bus. Or replace the seals that are the source of our current oil leak. Just get something done!
  • I have a corner of the house that has been accumulating stuff and really needs to be cleaned. I need to clean it. Organize it. Get rid of stuff. 
  • Christmas cards! I don't do them every year but this is going to be a Christmas card year. 
  • Find a new phone. Is it ridiculous to buy a new phone, but then just keep it in the box until my old phone finally bites the dust? If I wait for my phone to die first, then I'll have to buy a phone on short notice and won't be able to hunt for a good deal.
Since we did a ton of camping this month, expect lots of bus pictures. Like this one from Halloween.
Next up is the Holiday Festival of Lights at JICP. I guess I didn't take any photos at the Harvest Fest except the pumpkin photo at the top of the post.
Then we went to a music festival, where we camped with Shawnee and her gorgeous huskies (her bus is very pretty too!).
The music festival was out towards the ICW, right on the marsh.  We saw a few gators but didn't get any good photos this time.
It got COLD at night - you can see the mist starting to settle in over the water in these photos. It even looks cold.
Then the bus club Thanksgiving campout. We were the first ones there and we made sure to find a good spot in the sun.
Thanksgiving, as mentioned above, was extremely bountiful.
I even ate some shrimp! That's kind of a big deal because I have not really liked shrimp until the past year or so, but mostly I am including this photo to show off my new 'wild streak' of purple hair.
And that leads us up to today! Kyle and I stopped at Aldi to hit up their Black Friday wine sale (just kidding, Winking Owl is $2.89 every day) and also grab a few essentials like arugula and salmon and gummy bears.
Alright, one last photo.  My neighbor had extra sweet potato plants this spring, so I planted 3 sweet potatoes.  I finally harvested them today, and check out the haul! Trowel for scale - that potato on the far left is HUGE. Right after washing them, I found out that not only are you not supposed to wash them, but they also need to cure for a week or two. So we can't even eat them yet!
Happy holidays, happy Thanksgiving, happy relaxing!

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