25 January 2010

DInghy Build (Part dos)

Okay, here we go: the pictures...
Step two thousand, four hundred and ninety seven: Sea trials. Only one thing left to do. Drop it in the water and see if it floats! Luckily, our first sea trials were not only successful from the floating aspect, but we even managed to stay dry! Up and down the canals, one person or two, we tested that Acrux does exactly what she was intended to do. Float, row, and transport us across the anchorage.

And last but not least, here she is resting on her preferred transport spot. Most of the time on the ICW we'll simply tow her behind, ready for quick deployment once we're at our anchorage for the night. But for crossing larger bodies of water, or just for extra security, this is where she'll rest.

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  1. K&D -

    Y'all be sure to get in touch with me if you plan to stay in/around Georgetown, SC on your way south. I'll sport you to a grog or two if you stop here before you pass through! ;) Can also give you 'local knowledge' about the ICW/area from Southport NC down to Chas, SC, if you'd like - just let me know, send me a PM at the sailFar forum. Bon voyage!