11 March 2010

Porpoise Attack!

Wednesday morning, the waters were gloriously calm.

The water on the Albemarle Sound was equally pleasing, although a little foggy.

We faced a short bridge...

...and a tall bridge...

...and a channel that went on forever.

And finally, we were attacked by porpoises.  Kyle loathes dolphins and anything dolphin shaped.  I asked him for the difference between porpoises and dolphins, and he said "Nothing, they're both evil."  Thusly, when a porpoise surfaced right next to the cockpit where Kyle was driving, Kyle immediately honed in on how one porpoise distracted us by surfacing in the bow wave while the other sneak attacked him in the cockpit.  I did have my camera out but I did not expect the ninja attack from behind so the only picture I have is where the porpoise was (I have inserted my best rendering of the offender):

And here is his illusive sidekick:

And because Kyle brought up a spelling 'error,' I meant illusive as in putting up an illusion, not elusive.

Cheers from Belhaven!  We made it through our first two days of travel and are currently sitting in the Belhaven Public Library.  We've gone 90.1 nautical miles in the past two days.  I would write more, but neither of us have eaten lunch and we're hungry.

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