18 March 2010

Update from Oriental

So, after a thorough inspection of SC following our rather rough running of the Neuse, a few things came up in need of repair or replacement. Deciding it was better to fix them now in the "Sailing Capital of North Carolina", rather than later when such ammenities may not be available.

As far as stopovers go, Oriental is one not to be missed. We spent 4 days at the town dock, and no one cared in the slightest. Currently, we're known as "The kids with the pink dinghy" around town. Not wanting to impose and take up half of the two slips available at the head of the harbor, we've relocated to an anchorage a mere 50 yards from the town dinghy dock, in between a packed marina and a half dozen shrimp boats. Expect more on Oriental in the near future.

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