23 November 2010

From Moyock to Portsmouth

We had a gorgeous day for traveling.  The first bit was a little windy but after we made it out of the Currituck Sound, things calmed down.  This is starting to be a familiar sight - leaving the colony - although it's never been quite this pretty.

Once underway, we discovered we'd had a prowler aboard.  And yes, I'm completely comfortable with showing the whole internet how dirty the dodger is.

After navigating some "submerged danger!" we found the fall colors to be quite lovely.

 It was my first time going through locks.  Kyle wasn't nearly as excited about it as I was.  I was pretty disappointed by the whole thing, actually.

Tall tugboat!  Just doesn't seem ocean-safe...

The most exciting thing that happened all trip was a railroad bridge that held us up for a while.  We were concerned we wouldn't make it to the Jordan Bridge until 3:30 and then we'd be stuck there til 5:30 because it doesn't open for rush hour.  Apparently our fears were unfounded (and our guide books out of date), because this is the remains of the Jordan Bridge.

Suddenly, Norfolk!  And Portsmouth!  And our new marina.  That is a naval ship in the dry dock - it is so skinny and streamlined.

And that completes the last few miles of the ICW that I had never been on.  We still have a few miles left to cover in Florida, but we'll save that for another trip :)

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