17 January 2011

A Christmas Photoblog

Michigan was such a contrast to life here - since I don't know many people in the area I don't get out much.  After all the activity there, I needed a vacation!  And it's all because...

1)  I sewed myself a shirt.  I saw one on TV that I liked, and so I made one for myself.  Satin is a challenge.
 2)  I went snowshoeing for the first time.
3)  I made mozzarella cheese from scratch...and ate it.
4)  I found some of my favorite beer - made in Chicago and therefore unavailable in this area - and drank it.
5)  I made some new friends in a sled train.  I made some new enemies when we crashed :P  (a big thanks to someone named Jacob or possibly Isaac for these great shots)
 6)  I made a gingerbread...mess with my brother and friends.
7)  Rachel and I learned how to make sushi (the vegetarian kind - I'm not messing around with salmonella!).
 8)  We went ice skating!
9)  And finally, we rang in the new year with some Badass!
Whew!  So when I got back to VA and Kyle's boss asked Kyle and me to spend a (working) vacation out at his beach house, it sounded like a dream come true.  A week out at the beach with Kyle?  It's a good thing it was the off-season, or I would have spent all my days at the beach until I resembled a sun-dried tomato! 

But the whirlwind of activity didn't stop when I got back to Virginia.  Stay tuned, because my life is about as stable as a swing-set in a hurricane...


  1. Great to see you blogging again! We were wondering where you two had gotten to. Christmas in MI sounds great. How do you make mozarella? Was is any good? Hope you are both well. Lynn

  2. I know, I was such a slacker about blogging. Mozzarella is the curd of milk that has been separated from the whey - it was pretty tasteless but it squeaked in our teeth! Kyle and I have been reading your blog with much jealousy. Someday we'll get back on the boat again :)