14 January 2011

Making up for the holidays

Things have been up and down lately.  I haven't posted in a month, mostly because I spent three weeks in Michigan and then one week out at Nags Head.  I went up to MI two weeks before Christmas for a job interview that didn't pan out (although they did try to make a position available for me even after they hired someone else).  Then I got caught up in a whirlwind of seeing friends and family.  So let's backtrack.  Here's what you missed in December:

1)  I quit my job at the ice rink.  I was unhappy there, and I doubt they would have let me take three weeks off so I could to go MI for both the interview and Christmas festivities.

2)  Kyle and I started exploring our new habitat, and found out that Portsmouth has some amazing goings-on even in the winter.  First Fridays is where businesses are open late, Angry Adam's offers free wine tasting, and the local museums put together some great deals.  First Saturdays, the Portsmouth Farmers Market is open - yes, even in December!  We picked up some organic eggs, green peppers and I lusted after some herbs.  Check out that massive rogue egg - we were so scared of it, we never even cooked it.  There was also a flea market that took up the entire first floor of a parking garage.  We found some great stuff there.

3)  I attempted to make lemon bars in muffin tins by baking them in a toaster oven.  They turned out okay - maybe a little messy.

4) Kyle and I traipsed around downtown Portsmouth three times in one VERY cold day to take some photos to put in Christmas cards.  The first time, my battery died immediately.  The third time we came back because it was dark out and Portsmouth has some very pretty Christmas lights.  Here are our three picks.
Kyle's favorite

Alright, I think that's all I'm going to throw at you for now.  Next time I'll tell you about the craziness of Christmastime in Michigan, including snowshoeing, sushi, and skating.

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