06 December 2013

Mexico: A Summary

I'm back!  Mexico was so great - it was a week of delicious food, dramatic sunsets, and all the toes-in-the-sand drinks we could drink.  Not to mention sunshine.
Before I get too carried away, here's a quick recap of my goals for November:
  • Bottle cider and wine.  Cider yes, wine no. 
  • Taste my first homemade beer!  So great!  Not exactly what I was expecting, but very good.
  • Work my way up to using the 25-lb weights for my SuperSet Saturdays.  Hum.  I can do it for the first set or two, then things get a little dicey.
  • Thanksgiving tacos - spend a week in Mexico.  See photos...
  • Pretend like I might have time to deep clean the apartment.  lol
And some December goals:
  • Roast a turkey!  I got one from work so I'm hoping to share a turkey with some of my favorite people.
  • NOT have a crazy Christmas schedule.  The last couple years have involved a four hour drive, usually ON Christmas day, just to make sure we make it to two Christmas parties.
Yeah.  Two goals.  I'm feeling pretty worn out right now so I'm not as dedicated.  So here's some more photos instead!
We rented a car and drove several hundred miles to the coast.  And by "we," I mean Kyle.  He was a total champ about foreign driving, even when we were facing rush hour in Mexico's second biggest city.
Of course, rush hour is nothing compared to cattle!  At first we both thought this scene was funny, but then we realized we had no idea what to do.  I mean, it's a bull.  It's got sharp pointy things, and we had a rental car.  Luckily the guy behind us wasn't messing around and showed us the trick to making the cows moooove (come on, that's funny, right?).
And mountains!  Almost all of our driving was beautifully scenic.
We spent most of our days by the water with a drink in our hand, and hotels/restaurants were really good about using filtered water / ice.
Several tacos were involved with this vacation.
As well as a couple massive carnitas burritos.
Here's Kyle, for scale.
The sunsets were epic every night.  There is no better sunset than a sunset on the water.
And last but not least, street tacos for 10 pesos apiece (86 cents).
TEN PESOS!  We bought four to eat right away, and then ordered four more para llevar.
And thus ends Mexico: A Summary

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