03 October 2014

Finally October

The last two months have been awful, and have not let up...until this week.  I attribute it to the sun finally coming out again.  I hate to say it, but the huge effect on my mood cannot be denied - I need sunshine.  That's why I'm now in the Palmetto State instead of the More Overcast Days Than Seattle State.
I didn't pick any goals for this September because it was all I could do to keep on hanging on.  So let's jump into some goals for October.
  • Bus work - we finally got the mechanical systems working (I'm sure there's always more to be done) so now it's time to start working on the interior.  It needs some work.  Let's do it.
  • We have some visitors coming this month and I'm really excited.  I can't wait to show them around the area!
  • I have been so anti-cooking lately, I don't know what's going on.  So maybe find a couple inspiring recipes.
  • Gut the garage.  We have this really lovely garage, but the insulation is shredded and I'm pretty sure there are things living in it.  It's got to go, and after it's gone we can start organizing stuff.
  • Start some wine.  Now that I'm settling in to a place I'm ready to start brewing again.
That seems like a pretty okay list for now.  I've definitely been through a rough patch lately so I want to take it easy and let things slowly improve back to normal.  This week started with winning a contest and then on Tuesday the sun came out and hasn't left since, so I'd say things are already looking up.  Okay, so time for the photos.  I hauled back a bunch of tomatoes from Michigan last month, and as they ripened I turned them into pizza sauce.
We tried to move, but the house we were supposed to move into was infested with fleas.  After spending a weekend of thankless, unpaid labor, we needed a break so Kyle packed up a picnic and we headed to one of our favorite spots on the water.
We rewarded ourselves with some great beer.  If anyone wants to send me more huma, yes please I will take more huma please.
After an exterminator poisoned my new living space, we finally could wait no more and had to start moving things in.  We loaded up the car with the first load, then promptly unloaded the entire thing looking for the car keys.  I finally found them packed in with a disassembled lamp.
I had bought us a housewarming gift of new kitchen towels, but then the universe really delivered the perfect gift - a new (used) grill.  Someone left it by the trash compactor with a sign that said "free! works great. we moved."  It was EXACTLY the thing our new house needed, and the price was unbeatable.  The gas can was a free dumpster find too, and it is also a thing we really needed.  Yay trash compactor!
There will be a later post about this, I'm sure, but we took advantage of the new garage situation tearing into the rear brake system on the bus.  Here's the mechanics-eye-view of our newest brake line!
Our bus efforts were aided by visits of the neighborhood...dog?  I named him BunBun.  He roams freely and has a dog cage on the porch a couple doors down.
And lastly, I planted some herbs!  If there's anything in this world that never fails to make me happy, it's a garden.  I planted them last Sunday and by Wednesday night, the basils had already sprouted!
So yeah.  It was a month.  I'm really glad September is over and I'm happily moving on to October.

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