17 October 2014


We had some visitors last weekend.  Luckily their visit coincided with some really great weather.
They were really interested in checking out the Charleston Tea Plantation, so we headed there on Saturday.  This is a tea flower!
The grounds are gorgeous, and while we were there a wedding reception was being set up. 
While we were out in that direction, we also stopped by Firefly Distillery to try some moonshine!
Another tourist attraction nearby is the Angel Oak.  We had never seen it before, because it's...just a tree.  But I will admit it was kind of cool.  We got there four minutes before closing, however, which was a bummer.
Of course, we had to go downtown.  It happened to be Second Sunday on King, which is an event I'd like to explore more - we arrived later in the day.  It would be a great event to sit down with a beer and people watch.
With temps in the mid-80s, it was hard to remember that it's mid-October.  I kept seeing pumpkins as decorations and wondering "what the heck?" before I'd remember.
It would have been a gorgeous weekend to spend on the water. 
All in all, a great visit.

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