08 May 2015

May Goals

As April crossed into May, I have officially lived in South Carolina for one year.  It has been a tough year.  BUT there have been lots of positives, and living in SC has been a lot of fun.  I was eating home-grown radishes by mid-April - what's not to love about that?
I didn't choose goals for April, because right now my to-do list is very steady: garden, bus, wine.  And visitors!  However, I think I really need to choose some goals for May to pull me out of this funk I'm in, so here goes.
  • Have a Star Wars marathon.  I'm only aiming for the original trilogy, not sure I want to subject myself to hours of Jar-Jar.
  • Bus stuff (always).  I'll ask Kyle for the list later.
  • Camping / Savannah trip this month!
  • We've volunteered at a brew festival at the end of the month, really looking forward to that event!
  • I've got to finish up the elderberry (again) and get a new batch of wine started.
  • Plant more things in the garden / keep up with the garden.
  • Make some fun anniversary plans.  I've got something in mind but I'm not sure it will work out yet. 
We kicked off April with a visit from family.  Of course that included a trip to the beach...where we found some sea stars (at the last aquarium I visited, I was continually told that they are NOT STAR FISH because they are NOT FISH.  They are SEA STARS!).
We also visited a new taco truck on our way to a brewery.  Excellent.
Now that Kyle is bartending, our weekly bar night has started to look a little different.  But there's still beer.
We did a bunch of bus work but you can read about all that here.
My garden is looking awesome. Baby tomatoes, zucchini with a thousand buds, peas that are starting to blossom!
I'm still dealing with some garden pests, but I think that's a pretty constant state whilst gardening.  I don't know quite what I'm dealing with at this point, though, so I'll keep an eye on things.
The excellent weather continues and I continue to enjoy it. 

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