29 May 2015

Goals Recap

Suddenly May is coming to a close.  It was a great month!  We ramped up our weekend game this month with lots of events.
Here is May's list:
  • Have a Star Wars marathon.  We watched the original three, it had been so long since I've seen them!
  • Bus stuff (always). We didn't work on the bus too much this month, although Kyle knocked a couple things off the list.
  • Camping / Savannah trip this month!  Well, we never made it to Savannah...
  • We've volunteered at a brew festival at the end of the month.  After work today, we'll be on our way!
  • I've got to finish up the elderberry wine (again) and get a new batch of wine started.  Gah.  A new batch has been started, but the elderberry still needs to be bottled.
  • Plant more things in the garden / keep up with the garden.  I don't think I planted anything else, but we've been eating greens, radishes and peas and watching the tomatoes get bigger and bigger.
  • Make some fun anniversary plans.  I wasn't sure if we'd get a spot on the ferry out to Boneyard Beach, but we made it and it was a phenomenal trip - read about it here!
June is looking like a quieter month, but it's still early.
  • There's a concert in mid-June at the VW dealership - just a quick jaunt in the bus.
  • Piccolo Spoleto festival is going on, and I'd love to attend a couple events for that.
  • Ongoing bus work, of course.  Hopefully we can make some good progress in June.
  • As the summer months progress, it's going to get too hot for most garden plants, so I'm going to start working on a plan for the second season - the one that starts when it cools off a bit.
  • Play around with my camera more - spend one night at the beach taking photos.  I keep trying to learn more about photography, but when it's so sunny that I can't see my camera screen I can't tell how the photos are turning out so I don't really learn anything. 
  • I've been thinking about starting a webcomic, so I want to draw at least ten comic panels in June for practice.
That's about all I can think of right now.   Okay, on to photos from my month.  We spent the first weekend camping close to home.
The garden gets more and more out of control.  This photo is from mid-month, the tomatoes are much bigger now!
We spent a Saturday exploring a remote island.
The local wildlife kept us entertained.
I just love the beach.
Last weekend we went camping with the Moonies, which is always an out-of-the-box experience.  We planned on spending one night camping and then heading down to Savannah for the rest of the weekend, but camping was so great we couldn't leave.
It was such a perfect weekend, full of bright sun, great people, and cold drinks.  Not to mention the hula hoops, drum circle, and kayaking down the river.
We did so much in May.  And it's not over yet!  We've got awesome weekend plans that are sure to close out the month with a bang.  Summertime is the best time!

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