18 September 2012

Weekend Happenings

Summer was so busy.  I was almost looking forward to the weather cooling off so that that things might calm down just a smidge.  Yeah, right.
My aunt - the same one who gave me tomatillos for the Grilled Salsa Verde post - gifted me with a bag full of tomatillos (about 2 gallons of them).  And since I really can't let a good tomatillo go to waste, I canned a little salsa.
I roasted five pans of tomatillos, one pan of onions/garlic, and two pans of peppers for this recipe.  I canned 22 pints of salsa.  I was up until 11pm canning on a school night!  I mean work.  That's what adults do.  Work.  All the time.

22 sealed pints!  And some very spicy, tasty salsa.  Kyle needed a haircut and Mom needed some wine bottled, so we brought a pint over to test out the post-canning flavor.  Fantastic.
The rhubarb wine with a hint of strawberry was pretty delicious, too.  And speaking of delicious things, look forward to a recipe for this fantastic lime cheesecake, topped with lime curd and roasted coconut shavings.
The lime curd was totally my favorite!  I would love to use it between cake layers, or to mix with a fruit salad, or even over pudding.  Or...let's not lie...I could eat it with a spoon.  Expect to see the recipe this Friday :)

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