04 September 2012

Monthly Goals

September arrived with some beautiful red leaves (isn’t it a little early?) and high temps.  It waltzed in with a fantastic three-day weekend and some glorious excursions. 
But before I wax poetic on how awesome my Labor Day was, let’s talk about August.  How did I do on goals for the month?
  • Write a post about how the garden experiment is turning out.  This just didn’t happen.  I have no excuses.  The garden has changed a lot this month, though, so I think waiting is for the best.
  • Write a post on the chipotle meatballs that I made in JUNE.  Done.
  • Dance the night away at my cousin's wedding!  Well, I went to the wedding.  I didn’t dance and I’m pretty sure the party broke up before dark.  But it was still a lot of fun!
  • Pick anything and everything in season.  The only thing I paid to pick this year is blueberries.  However, I’ve also got a crapload of tomatoes and a decent amount of cukes.  I think I’m going to buy some corn at the farmers market and freeze that.
  • Host an outdoor cookout at the apartment.   That totally happened, and I had this fantastic ratatouille to serve everyone!  It was a little haphazard, because I live at an apartment so we don’t really have any lawn amenities like tables, chairs, a firepit, etc.  We made it work though.
  • Paleo cauliflower pizza crust.  Tried it, still seeking a better alternative.
Well, my plan for September is to make it a relaxing month.  Between two weddings and all associated events, harvest season and gardening, and some super camping trips, I’m exhausted.  I’m burning the candle at both ends.  So it’s time to plan on some lighter fare.  These goals are going to be a detox.
  • Start and finish a book.  In a single month.  Practically a new record!
  • Take a bath.  What?  These luxuries are unheard of!
  • Let someone else cook.  Yup, it’s time to turn the stove over to someone else while I kick up my heels. 
  • Can homegrown tomatoes – spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce.  Okay, it can’t all be fun and games.  I need to make some room in the freezer for venison!  (I’ve been freezing tomatoes as they ripen until I have enough for a canner load)
  • Bachelorette party for one of my good friends.  As the maid of honor, I get to plan it.  Now if I can only find the time to get that done…
  • Wedding.  It’s only natural that after the bachelorette party, the bachelorette gets married, right?
  • Make a soufflé.  It’s been on my to-make list for a couple months now, so I think it’s time to just get it done.
Okay, that's a list I can look forward to!  So bring it on, September.  Bring on the colors, the hot chocolate weather, and more good times with great friends.

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