19 January 2013

Southwest Lime Salmon

Things happening today:  hockey is FINALLY starting.  Wings play tonight!  On a related note, it looks like today will be a good day for skating on the lake and I'm going to test it out.  I am drinking bone broth that's fatty enough to double as lip balm.  My shamrock is blooming and the flowers are so cute and petite.  Salmon is probably my favorite fish ever and I always have some in the freezer.
I am guilty of overspicing everything.  I like huge amounts of flavor.  So I went a little overboard with the southwest seasoning.  But when combined with lime...well, I make no apologies.
Bake to perfection, then place on a bed of spinach, cilantro, habanero cheddar, and if you're really looking for a flavor kick, dried cranberries.
And no apologies.  Life's too short to regret something this good.

Southwest Lime Salmon
  • 2 (5 ounce) salmon fillets, bones removed
  • fresh cracked pepper and sea salt
  • southwest seasoning
  • 1 lime, sliced
1.  Preheat your oven to 450.
2.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spray with non-stick spray.
3.  Place salmon fillets on the prepared baking sheet. Sprinkle fillets with southwest seasoning and the salt and pepper.  Place 2 lime slices on top of each fillet. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove and tent with aluminum foil for 10 more minutes. Fish will continue to cook during this time. It will flake easily when done.

I like to serve my salmon over a bed of greens.  It's a good way to get those fresh greens while still having a hot meal.


  1. Nice to see a fellow Wings fan... was looking for a new fish recipe to try out and planning to try this one on the weekend. Thakns!

    1. It would just figure that I cancel cable right before they start playing again...oh well, at least they've been winning!