01 January 2013

Recap of December and 2012 Goals

2012 is coming to a close, and that means it's time to recap my month and my year.  I'm currently enjoying the crap out of my holiday vacation, although I'm glad it's not permanent.
New for 2013!  Check out the RECIPES page.  Complete with some semblance of organization, and photos!
Recipes Page

December goals:
  • I had a giant, 5-hour, open book test.  I didn't expect to pass, but I did!  I don't know how close I was because I don't get told my score, but as long as I passed I guess it doesn't matter!
  • De-label and clean wine bottles for…
  • …Bottling wine.  Bottle cleaning is an ongoing process, and the wine has been bottled.  I also started another batch of wine, which is why I continue to clean wine bottles.
  • Keep Christmas an un-materialistic as possible.  I got more presents than I need, for sure, but everything I got will definitely be used.  I also enjoyed giving and receiving intangible gifts like trips and outings.  January is almost full from all the planned trips now!  Love it.
  • Holidays mean road trips and family gatherings and big meals and a teensy bit too much wine.  All of those things happened, including a 200 mile trip completed at an average of 35mph due to a terrible snow storm.  After all the accidents we saw, I'm thankful that our trip was just a long one, not an expensive one too.  Other than that, it was really good to catch up with family and make some plans for 2013.
  • Dance.  December was a month of dancing!  Zumba, learning a couple dances on my own, and just generally being more light on my feet.  It was a fun goal.
2012 goals:
  • Travel:  I went to Ecuador!  I went backpacking at Knobstone.  I also went on a road trip in November.  I went on various other trips around the state of Michigan, mostly camping at some pretty beautiful parks.
  • Blogging:  I blogged pretty regularly.  3x per week was taking up too much of my time so I dropped down to 2x for the summer and then somehow in fall that fell to 1x per week...and then in December I missed a couple weeks.  Bleh.  But I'm considering this goal as met.
  • Goal-setting:  I really enjoyed making goals for myself each month and then seeing how I did at the end of the month.  I didn't always succeed, but by setting goals, I accomplished more than I would have otherwise.
  • Fatigue:  whatever.  It's still something that I live with.  I probably should have a sleep study done if I'm really serious about figuring this out.  
Okay, now time for my favorite photos of 2012!
Paleo Shamrock Shakes

4th of July
Feta-stuffed basil burgers
Black raspberry gin fizz
Grilled salsa verde
 And that wraps up a pretty fantastic year.  Can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

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