05 April 2013

April's Wild Ride

Sometimes everything just seems to converge.

Last weekend, I was supposed to go dress shopping with my mom.  She canceled because she ended up having to go to a funeral.  Then my car crapped out.  Then I discovered my credit card was missing.  Then my neighbor went crazy - literally - and had to be taken away in an ambulance (she's very sweet and elderly).  Charter double-charged me for a double-bill this month.

March!  The only thing on my goals list for March was taxes.  Also worth noting was the mad chicken-roasting and broth-making tips I bestowed upon the internet this month.

My taxes are done.  That also required several hours of trying to use online help and finally contacting customer service on an e-file site I plan on never using again.
I know teacup pigs aren't really trendy anymore but I still want one.
One of my best friends amazingly had a free Saturday and went shopping with me - she even drove!  My car was just low on coolant, as far as I can tell it's not leaking, which makes it a MUCH easier problem to handle.  My credit card (you'll never believe this) was found in a gas station parking lot and brought to the cashier, who held it in their safe for a full week until I called them.  That was the last place I remembered using the card, but I was pretty sure I couldn't have lost it there.  My neighbor...well, still waiting to hear back on that one, but she's had episodes like this before (so I've heard).

I ordered 36 beach balls this week.  They are the cheapest beach balls on the internet.  I'm going to have a beach party. 

Let's talk about April goals.
  • I want to make barefoot sandals for my beach party.
  • I'm teaching all my friends a dance routine.
  • I'm going to make seed bombs.
  • I'm going to start planting my garden!  
  • This dang lake by my house is going to melt.  It's my personal goal.
  • I don't think I bottled any wine all March.  I think we can all agree that means I am more than behind on my wine bottling.
  • Oh yeah, just remembered I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding this month.  That seems like something I probably shouldn't forget.
April is going to be a wild ride.  

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