19 July 2013

An Empanada Adventure

I have wanted to make these for almost a year.  Even worse, I've never actually had an empanada so I have no idea whether these are anything like the real thing.  Either way, these were delicious.
These empanadas were great with the cherry salsa, too!  So that's a double win.
I started out with homemade dough.  Let me tell you, homemade dough is absolutely my bane when it comes to baking.
Luckily, it held together pretty well.  For the most part.
And hey, everything is okay in moderation, right?  So I took this opportunity to deep fry them.  Well, shallow fry.  Because I rarely do.
Yum.  For the inside, I basically made a corn and black bean salsa and added some chorizo.
Anyway, this is less of a "here's how you make this!" post and more of a "this is a thing that I did!" post.  Someday I'll learn that you can't just use whole wheat flour instead of bleached, enriched all-purpose flour JUST because it's all I have in the house.
Empanadas.  I think it's time to go to Mexico and find something a little more autentico.  In the meantime, dough recipe here, and for the corn and black bean salsa, try this one.  Oh, and because apparently empanadas often have raisins, I added a couple tablespoons of raisins to the salsa/chorizo mixture.

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