26 July 2013

A Collection of Chill Summer Recipes

Summer is half over!  And if you're running out of cool recipes to satisfy your taste buds without breaking a sweat, here are some great ideas.


For the Grill:


Summer Cool-Down:

Since I only blog once a week now, the seasonal recipes I've been trying out don't get put on the blog in a timely manner.  For instance, over the 4th of July weekend, I picked a bunch of huckleberries and made them into a fabulous sauce, but you probably won't see that recipe until sometime mid-August.
I've also been eating guacamole about twice a week.  There aren't many dishes I make more than once, but guac has made the list on an extremely regular basis in the way no other food has before.  I even made it while camping!  And now that I've found some (seasoned!) Michigan-made tortilla chips to pair it with, I think I am pretty much set.  So if I had a recipe for guac somewhere on the blog, it would definitely have a place on this page as well.  I guess I sort of have a recipe here, but that's not quite the same as what I make now.
I'm harvesting some delicious produce from my own garden, I'm doing a slow deep-clean of the apartment, and I'm reading books!  Not to mention the camp fires, boat rides, live music in the park, and all the other events going on.  I hope you've been having a great summer as well!  Thanks for reading :)

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