02 May 2014

May Goals

So April happened.  I lived through it.  I turned my apartment upside down, I bottle fed some lambs, I moved a thousand miles, I got the crap scared out of me by a cockroach, I started a new job.  I'm exhausted.  Isn't May supposed to bring flowers?
Here are the goals I picked out for April.
  • A lunch date w/ the fam.  April included lunch dates with both grandmas on my side of the family, Kyle's mom and brother, brunch with friends, and numerous weekday lunches with coworkers.
  • A block party w/ the friends.  With 99 beers on tap, Short's Brewery had their hands full. 
  • I recreated a recipe for awesome seared tuna tacos that I had on my first trip down to Charleston.
  • Some montepulciano wine needs to be bottled.  I was skeptical, but this one is really great!
  • Plants!  They are growing so well!  They survived a thousand mile car trip and are flourishing.
  • I wanted the lake to melt.  It melted - and then we got that gorgeous sunset pictured above.
May is undoubtedly going to be full of ups and downs.  I really just want to get through May with a positive attitude.  But other things that should get done this month:
  • Live without A/C until Kyle moves down.
  • Get my plants into bigger pots.
  • Move all the furniture down here.  It's been two days and I already can't wait to see a real mattress again.
  • Ship the bus down here.  It would be great to drive it down, but the logistics haven't been easy - we'd have to avoid freeways, we'd have to take it through the mountains, and even if it didn't break down it would still probably take five days to do.  So it's getting shipped.
  • Move Kyle down here!  This one is really easy for me because I don't have to do anything for it.
  • Find a good place to get coffee.  With no coffee pot, I'm having a hard time getting my morning caffeine fix.  This is kind of moot, I guess, since I will have the coffee maker here by the end of the month.
 And as always, photos from my month.  The montepulciano, bottled and ready to be put away.
 A tiny friend gets a tiny bus ride.
Tasting ALL the beers at Short's.
The halfway point of my drive:  Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim's farm!  I got to help out with the cutest chores.
And then drive.
And then drive.
And then move into an apartment with basically an air mattress and a camp chair.
My forest of tomatoes, basils and peppers!
How many photos is too many photos?  I feel like that's enough.  Hopefully this month will end with me sleeping on a real bed again.

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