30 May 2014

What in the What June

I was just editing some recipe photos and about to start a new blog post when I looked at the date - holy crap, another month has passed.  You know what that means:  time to recap my month and my goals.
So here's the list:
  • Lived without A/C until Kyle moved down.  I did turn it on when the movers were bringing stuff in, but they left the door open and were running so late that it had already cooled off so I turned it right back off again. 
  • Get my plants into bigger pots.  I did this, but now the peppers need to be put in bigger pots again.
  • Move all the furniture down here.  Bleh.  Done.  The entire apartment was full of boxes, with barely space to squeeze through.  It was awful.  I survived.
  • Ship the bus down here.  Bus is shipped!  And hardly worse for wear.  Looks like there were some minor scratches where the bumper hit the pavement.
  • Move Kyle down here! After a 2.5-week (more-like-forever) separation, my husband moved in with me, two days before our first anniversary.  Life is good.
  • Find a good place to get coffee.  After trying several options, I have determined there's no coffee like home coffee.  The best substitute is popping some hazelnut into my reusable k-cup and using the machine at work, but that was barely more than flavored water.  At least it didn't taste burnt and bitter.
I feel like I have been living this list day in and day out, unlike most months when I need to look back at the previous goals post just to remember what I had planned for myself.  I honestly have no idea what the next month will bring, but my to-do list never seems to shrink so that's a good place to start.
  • Farmers market - I still haven't been to one and that's. not. okay.  I meant to fix that this week but it didn't happen.
  • Go house shopping.  We still debate buy vs. rent, but it can't hurt to look, right?
  • Make a meal plan for clean, healthy eating.  It seems like pretty frequently we'll find ourselves out exploring and suddenly it's two hours past mealtime and we're both hungry...and that's when the bad choices get made.  Planning ahead will prevent that.
  • Compile some photos to print out for our families so that they can get a glimpse of our lives here.
  • First visitors!  We've got visitors coming this month and I'm so thrilled.  I'm already planning out potential activities in my head...beach, downtown, flea market, farmers market, everything! 
  • Avoid getting sunburnt.  I've learned that the car must always be stocked with ice water and sunscreen before I go anywhere, because it's so hot and sunny.  I love it.  I love every minute of it.  So does my garden.
  • Activities with new friends?   I recently read some excellent advice about making friends as an adult.  Step 1:  invite people to things.  Repeatedly.  Corollary:  if you're invited to things, go.  Nobody likes rejection, so after the first or second 'no' they might stop asking.  Step 2: treat people like your friends, even if they aren't yet - be friendly with people, it will open them up to being friendly back to you.
I took a ton of photos this month, so I'm debating whether to be choosy or just post a little of everything.  First off, here's how the garden is progressing.  Remember when they were just baby seedlings in paper cup pots?  I do...they grow so fast!  I just noticed the first buds on the tomatoes today.
Here's my horror story - boxes upon boxes upon boxes.  Our space has downsized, and it shows.
The bus arrived at the same time, and it was a pretty nerve-wracking experience.  Mr. Ear Buds thought my reaction was pretty funny, but the bumper was really close to the pavement.  How do you think they learned they needed to reduce the angle on the ramp with those blankets?  There were some new scratch marks on the bumper.
I've been a tad obsessed with cookies lately, so on the morning of our anniversary Kyle made me some chocolate chip cookies.  He claims he'd never made cookies before, which explains why a pan of cookies turned into one giant cookie.  He was so disappointed!  I am not picky about cookie shape however; they were delicious.
In between cleaning, we managed to go on a couple field trips last weekend.  A coworker told me about this enormous flea market with the strong claim "You can find just about anything there - cheap, too."  She was not wrong.  I picked up these adorable earrings for a dollar.  We found a couple other things that were on our list and stocked up on some fresh veggies.
I did a lot this month.  There's just so much to do and so much to explore.  We've still only been to one brewery so far, which is partially due to the fleeting hours they all keep.  Oh yeah, I have a photo of that too.
Anyway, my point is that I'm really excited for all the opportunities here.  I keep getting warnings that July and August are pretty miserable, so June will be my month!

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