05 June 2015

Camping Weekend

We had big plans for spending Memorial weekend in Savannah after spending a night camping with the bus club.  Well...we never made it past the campsite.  Savannah will be there anytime, but great weekends with great people don't happen often enough!
The campsite was only about an hour away, so we didn't get quite the shakedown cruise we expected, but I got to test out the brakes while we were still in the city - they work great.
When we first arrived at the site, we met some bus owners nursing a 4 week old kitten!  Roughly half the photos I took were of this guy:
As always, in between chatting with some really fun people, we were treated with some amazing food.  This weekend included some Southern classics that I hadn't tried yet - lowcountry boil and shrimp'n'grits!
To work off the food, we practiced hoopin' and also kayaked down the Edisto river.
Last but not least, plenty of relaxation.
Okay, and one more picture of the homicidal psycho jungle cat.  He's ferocious!

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