05 January 2012


I'm making myself write this post because I have a crappy attitude right now.
I grew up in a tiny village in Michigan.  I moved away as soon as I could, with marvelous intentions to never touch the place again with a ten foot pole.  I went to college in southern Michigan, and interned in Coastal Carolina.  After the boat trip, I lived near Norfolk, VA.  I had a degree that I spent many, many difficult hours attaining.  But I couldn't find a use for it in Virginia.  I worked the crappiest job I ever had for minimum wage until I couldn't stand it and quit.  Then after that I found an okay job, but I was bored and it didn't challenge me.  By that time I was going crazy.  Even though I had jobs, I still called myself unemployed because I wasn't working in my field.  Then I was offered a job.  In my hometown.

It's a good job with a good company.  But it's in a tiny village in Michigan that I swore I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.  And because that's really eating at me right now, I'm going to tell you what I LOVE about this tiny town.
My parents live here, and it's great being in touch with them.  They have the best dog in the world, and when I have a bad day, there is no better cure than taking that dog for walk.  Since moving up here, I've been able to start a garden, and ask my mom every question about plants I can think of.  I'm a lot closer to some really good friends, and even better, I've made some new friends that I really cherish.

Since moving up here, I have access to homegrown, cheap, mostly organic, and local foods (where homegrown means it's grown on a small scale with lots of love and attention, whereas mega-farms don't have time for attention so they use chemicals).  In addition, I've had access to canning supplies and I've had people with a lot of experience coach me through my first canning experiences.  I got strawberries and blueberries for jaw-dropping prices (pick-your-own).  I've picked wild elderberries, wild leeks, huckleberries and Grandma's grapes for free.  For the first time ever, I've successfully grown some herbs.

I bought a boat and sailed it around the lake.

I went on vacation with my entire family.

I hosted Thanksgiving...successfully.

I canned salsa with Rachel, served wine at an art and wine showcase with Kimber, and survived a long-distance relationship with Kyle.  I jumped out of an airplane.

I decorated my first apartment, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I ran a 5K.

I get to start planning this year's garden.  Next month, I get to start planting it.  I live on a gorgeous lake that I get to look at every day.  I have one of the shortest commutes I've ever had, and I get to go home for lunch.  I am only hours away from some of the most beautiful sights in the US.  I have abundant trails to hike and hills to ski.  I get to re-explore my hometown with adult eyes.  I get to reconnect with people and get to know all those people that I should have when I was a teenager.

There are really good things about this town that I won't find anywhere else.  Maybe this place won't be forever, but it's my here and now.

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  1. I just saw this. And I love it. I want to move closer.