27 July 2012

Tenderloin Topped with Bacon, Onion and Mushroom

I went ALL OUT for this camping trip!  I hardly ever eat red meat, but I splurged and got a couple tenderloin steaks - for an outrageous price, but that's what splurging is all about, right?
But I'm getting ahead of myself!  My absolute favorite part of the day is in the morning, when I can sit and enjoy my coffee.  I hardly ever get to be lazy in the morning, so mornings at camp are great!
And while sipping on delicious french-pressed coffee, there was a omelette-scramble being cooked over the fire in a cast iron pot that has been with us since our boat days.
Speaking of that cast iron guy...perfect camp-ware!  After a day full of wedding shower and rain and beach time, food sounded GREAT.  So to make the steak topping, I started out with a panful of bacon, onions and mushrooms - a quarter cup to a half cup each.
When the bacon was well-cooked, I put it on a plate with a lid to keep it warm, and in the meantime, I saved the bacon grease to fry up some green beans (home-grown - you better believe it!).
Oh, and let's not forget that tenderloin!  So perfectly grilled, so delightfully tender, so tasty!
Plate up those beans and steak, and top the steak with the BOM (bacon, onion, mushroom)!
Serve it up with a phenomenal Black Raspberry Gin Fizz.
Oh, and can we just admire these plates?  Kyle picked them up at the Salvation Army for a dollar each - but they are these crazy, artsy, a-symmetrical plates!  The bottoms are pale yellow.  It's a little hard to see how cool they are in these photos, sorry!  I told Kyle we needed some picturesque camping plates, and I was picturing something made of hard plastic.  These far exceeded my expectations!  I almost wish we had a whole set of these dishes :)
And after dinner, a quick hop out to the lakeshore for the "sunset" - the clouds obscured the best colors, but any sunset is a beautiful sunset.
And then the next day we headed out to Torch Lake!  Third most beautiful lake in the US, and for good reason!
I will be returning to this lake, and next time, I would like to rent a cabin and/or a pontoon boat!  Highly recommended!

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