31 July 2012

June...or July...Recap and Goals!

Let's play a game!  Who has two thumbs and let June transition into July without so much as a nod at her June goals?  THIS GIRL!
So, I guess I've got to revert back to the June goals...
  • Bottle wine, maybe start a new batch.  Consider it bottled!  And I've picked enough blueberries that blueberry wine is definitely in my future.
  • Keep you updated on my garden!  Hmmmm...if I post a couple pictures of it here now, does that count?  I know I mentioned some home-grown ingredients in this post and this post, so that's got to count for something.  Oh, and of course all the stir fries.
  • Get back on track with Paleo by making...chipotle meatballs with guacamole.  Okay guys.  I made them, I swear I did.  I just never blogged about it.  So I'll put it on the list for this month!
  • Swedish Cloudberry Parfait - kicked its butt, took some pretty pictures, served it up to some of my favorite people.  Handled.
  • Summery things!  That seems a little vague.  Is that really even a goal?  Okay, so I went sailing SO many times, I went camping, I lit fireworks, I gardened, and I even enjoyed some urban foraging.  If that's not summery, I don't know what is.
  • Reformat my laptop. Well, I did warn you that it wasn't going to happen, right?  However, things are a little more dire now, as it seems my seven-year-old laptop is headed...bucket-ward.
  • Kahlua!  Check it out!  I even gave you a bonus recipe - chocolate syrup!  Now we just need to have a White Russian party so everyone can try it.
Okay, here's some garden photos so you have proof that my garden is real and GROWING:
See?  I'd love to write a post on how the experiment of gardening is going.  Maybe I should put that on August (wait...August?  Already?  But August heralds the end of summer!  This can't possibly be right) goals.
  • Write a post about how the garden experiment is turning out.
  • Write a post on the chipotle meatballs that I made in JUNE.
  • Dance the night away at my cousin's wedding!
  • Pick anything and everything in season.  Crossing my fingers on the blackberry crop!
  • Host an outdoor cookout at the apartment (fondue?).  I'm 98% certain I can find a reason to turn this into a celebration. Maybe a birthday for a friend, or a "welcome home" to another friend.
  • Paleo cauliflower pizza crust.  As it turns out, pizza is the one breaded item I can't live without, so finding a pizza replacement is necessary.
 Whoosh!  That's the sound summer is making as it flies by.  No time to sit and have some tea, because summer has places to go (namely, south.  Summer in Northern Michigan lasts all of 3 weeks.  That's an exaggeration, but just barely).

Oh, and a little shout-out to the fam, who totally made wine-bottling a breeze!
For anyone interested in wine-making, most recipes are for 5-gallon batches, which makes about ~25 bottles of wine.  Depending on the fruit you use, that will come out to less than a dollar a bottle (assuming you already have all the equipment).  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'd be glad to pass on some knowledge :)


  1. So cool! My friend has been into making wine, so creative.

    1. It's definitely led to some fun flavors, like rhubarb and elderberry!

  2. This post made my afternoon. Well done. I'm very willing to be cause for celebration. Just sayin'. If you needed a volunteer, I'm your girl!

    1. Are you even going to be here in August on the weekend? Your party might be a Sept goal...