10 August 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things

Harvest season is upon us! And with it brings much more important things to do than blog. Sorry,
world. Telling you all about the recipe I tried last night isn’t going to put food on my table this winter.

This is my first year with a real garden. Last year I did have a few plants in the ground, but it wasn’t
really planned and I didn’t really give it the effort it deserved. Anyway, I’ve been seeing things slowly
trickle in…first some summer squashes, then a few cherry tomatoes, finally a cucumber or two. And
always kale. But lately, that trickle has been turning into a flood!

It’s not really enough for a full canner load, which is why I was excited to see this article about small
batch canning on theKitchn. However, after perusing the Food in Jars site, I found not a single recipe for a small batch of pickles. They must all be in her book about preserving in small batches. Now, I know what you’re thinking – the all-knowing Google should be able to find me an adequate recipe. But the thing about canning is that you aren’t just throwing food in the oven for 20 minutes and then eating it. There’s germs and food poisoning to think of. You want something tried and true, quite unlike this disaster. So I found Small Batch Preserving on Amazon for a full $3.98. But I’d hate to add to my already overflowing recipe book collection without knowing what was in it…so I borrowed it from my local library.
So that’s why there’s no regular post today. I spent last weekend camping, Monday night unpacking and recovering, Tuesday night running errands, Wednesday night at a cookout, Thursday night canning (and still making an AWESOME dinner), and tonight I have a rehearsal dinner for a wedding tomorrow! I’m thinking Sunday might be a bridesmaids-recover-at-lake-michigan day. At some point, I’d also like to sleep…

In the meantime, here are some of the dark corners of the internet I’ve been lurking in:

For my engineering side: xkcd

For my foodie side:  smitten kitchen
For my humorous side:  Failbook.  Guilty pleasure :)

For my design side:  Trendir

For my procrastination side:  Friday Favorites

For my nautical side:  More Joy Everywhere

For my food preservation:  Pick Your Own - also a great preserving resource

For my Sunday afternoons:  PostSecret

And there you have it, people. When I’m not checking my stats on Blogger or posting pics of today’s
veggie harvest on Facebook, you’ll most likely find me hanging out with these guys.

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