26 June 2015

June Goals

Despite my best intentions, June was a big month!  We didn't have a whole lot planned so we were hoping for getting a lot of buswork done.  We worked on the bus, but we also did so much more!
First things first, goals.
  • There's a concert in mid-June at the VW dealership - just a quick jaunt in the bus.  We went, we had a good time. 
  • Piccolo Spoleto festival.  This ended the first week of June; I thought it would be a longer event.  We missed it.
  • Ongoing bus work, of course.  Windows out, paint in.
  • Start working on a plan for the second garden season.  Still on my list is to plant a bunch of baby tomatoes, but I think I have a good idea of what I want.  Just need to decide when to plant.
  • Play around with my camera more - spend one night at the beach taking photos. Being on the east coast, it made much more sense to get up early and take photos of the sunrise, so that's what I did.
  • I've been thinking about starting a webcomic, so I want to draw at least ten comic panels in June for practice.  Oh man. I cranked out six panels in the first few days of June and thought I was going to blow this goal out of the water.  The count still stands at six though.
Okay, what's going on in July?
  • Put the windows back in the bus!
  • VW Drag Night + camping.
  • A visit from a Minnesotan!  I hope he's bringing lots of sunscreen and light clothing, because July is a killer month in Charleston.
  • High Country Bus Festival.  The bus won't make it out there, but we'll bring a tent!
  • I'm aiming for drawing ten comic panels again.  This time I'll actually get it done.
On to the photo recap of my month.  We celebrated the world's largest batch of iced tea (ahem, sweet tea) and whipped up a batch of our own mint tea.
 The VW dealership hosted a concert and car show, where I fell in love with this little guy.
We harvested some corn from the garden this month!  All ten kernels went on a plate of nachos.  I almost tasted them. (All of the corn is so dinky.  I assume it's just too hot.)
Speaking of nachos, can Greek nachos be a thing?  We made gyros this month and had some leftover tzatziki.  That was about all we had left, so this plate isn't really all that Greek, but don't tell me Greek nachos don't sound delicious.
We also helped a local brewery celebrate their grand opening!  Apparently the number of craft breweries in this area is doubling this year.  Amazing.
Then there was the bus work.  We cut off the old brittle window seals and removed the windows.
With the windows out, we masked off the whole thing and painted the interior.
That's when we found out that we didn't mask off the WHOLE thing...and the roof was covered in overspray.
One morning we got up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise.  It was much better than I anticipated.
My photos don't do it justice, but it was fun to try.
So that was June!  A surprisingly busy month, but definitely a good one.

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