06 June 2012

Hiking the Knobstone

Not the entire Knobstone trail, of course.  Actually, we just did an out-and-back that was under seven miles (one way).  Before you judge, I'd like to see you walk 7 miles with a 35lb pack on a 92 degree day.  Uphill both ways.
We had a really great group of people - including two new friends (that's right, I'm counting the dog as a new friend...she was so shy, but I think by the end of the weekend she had warmed up to me a little bit).
I didn't get a ton of photos, because it's a pain to dig my camera out while we're hiking, and even if I do, we all looked sweaty and gross.  Okay, I looked sweaty and gross.  Everyone else looked fresh as daisies. I don't know how they did it.
We actually ended up at a campground Sunday night, which was really great.  I'm not just saying that because there were showers and a place to swim.  But maybe a little bit.
But 90+ degree weather isn't too hot to cuddle with an adorable husky, right?!  Especially one with a big grin on her face. 
But, despite the heat and aches and pains, it was still a fantastic weekend.  I love camping!  So camping is definitely on the docket for the rest of summer.  Like every weekend (I wish).  There will at least be a few more camping sessions.  Top of my list is Sleeping Bear Dunes and Torch Lake.  I am really hoping to bring the sailboat along to Torch!
Just to forewarn anyone, however...this is what I look like after a few days of camping.  No, this is not the monster that lives in the closet, this is just what lurks in the woods at night...

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