15 June 2012


For some people, the start of summer is Memorial Weekend.  Here in Northern Michigan, freezing temperatures are not out of the question on Memorial Weekend, so the real start to my summer is picking my own strawberries.
Last week I read an excellent post on Surprised by Joy.  Caroline Clunk (who doesn't write nearly often enough - everything she writes is excellent!) put summer goals so eloquently:
Well, I’ve decided to take hold of this summer and cram as many wonderful memories into it as I possibly can. June has barely begun and already, I have handfuls of wonderful times that give me a good, wiggly feeling in my stomach that this is going to be one epic summer.
Take hold of summer.  What a wonderful perspective on life.  Push and pull and eke every last drop of sunshine out of these golden days.  Pick strawberries and have campfires with friends and go sailing.
 I've been counting my campfires.  I'm up to five so far this year.  Also, we've gone sailing twice.
This summer is mine!  And it all starts with strawberries...
Somehow I recruited Kyle as help, with the promise that we could go sailing afterwards :)
Gorgeous, red, juicy berries...taste-test approved!  We picked 11 lbs, which seemed like a lot at the time, but now it doesn't seem like enough!  Thankfully, the season is just beginning.
You can't beat fresh, local berries.  My favorite berry use?  Sliced over granola and yogurt.  However, a Swedish cloudberry parfait is another outlet for an excess of strawberries!
Made with homemade chocolate syrup and garnished with some homegrown mint leaves.  Recipe coming up...next post!

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  1. Gosh I want to go strawberry picking!