29 June 2012

Tipsy Chocolate Cherries

I wanted to call these drunk cherries, but there isn't very much alcohol in them.  Just enough to add a little flavor kick!
Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.  If you haven't tried them, try them.  And then make more ganache, because it's like a whiskeyed chocolate fondue.  And what goes great with whiskey chocolate fondue?
Cherries.  Lots of juicy, sweet cherries.
Whiskey?  Check.  Dipping things in chocolate?  Check.  Summer dessert?  I'm all over it!
No cherries because all the buds froze in a freak-weather incident?  No problem.  Use strawberries.  Or head down to the grocery store and let the shame of California cherries battle with your strong desire for another classic spring fruit.
I think it goes without saying...the cherries won.


  1. i've had "tipsy cherries" before. yum!

    1. True confession: after I took the photos, I just dumped the chocolate in the bowl and ate it with a spoon :)