30 November 2012

Goals Revisited

I had a week off in November.  It was nice.  It was reeeeeally nice.
Easy fall appetizers:  Pumpkin-shaped cheese balls
So here's what happened (and didn't happen) in November:

•   Road trip!  I think it’s safe to say that I will remember that trip for the rest of my life ;)
•   Lunch with Grandma on Sunday!  Made a great dessert, had a great time, did some much-needed catching up, watched a homemade video and played some cards.  Who says you can’t have it all?
•   I also made some egg muffins.  Check them out!
•   The sauv blanc kit I started only needs a month before bottling, so bottling was on my list for the month.  Except that I didn’t feel comfortable putting it in the carboy when the instructions said to so
my wine is running a little behind schedule.  No big, but bottling is going to have to wait a week.
•   Vote, obviously!  I did my part to improve the chances of third-party politics, because that’s where I believe the real change is at.
•   Star Wars marathon...only the original three, and even those were hard to stay awake for.  But this item is accomplished!
Delicious souffle, recipe here
December goals...because despite the holidays I still have things to get done :)

•   This counts because it happens on December 1st:  I have a giant, 5-hour, open book test tomorrow.  The kind where the multiple choice answers are all correct, but I have to choose which one is MOST correct.  So, I guess my goal is to survive it.  If I pass, that would be splendid as well.  I should have the results by January so I can even blog about how close to passing I was.
•   De-label and clean wine bottles for…
•   …Bottling wine.
•   Keep Christmas an un-materialistic as possible.  I don’t need more STUFF.  If you want to give me a present, have me over for dinner or plan out a fun event.  That’s the kind of present I really enjoy.
•   Holidays mean road trips and family gatherings and big meals and a teensy bit too much wine.  Bring it on.
•  Dance.  Yes, that’s right.  My goal is to do more dancing in the month of December.
And some random photos from the trip...  like a field of cotton, ready for harvest.
And some pecans, also ready for harvest.  These ones came home with me though (okay, so a branch of cotton did too...).


  1. What test are you taking Darcy? How is the south? Still slow and moist?

    1. Ben! I will email you later this weekend.

  2. This is a food blog masquerading as a sailing blog. . . ? A sailing blog that transmogrified? A mis-named food blog?

    I'm confused.

    1. Totally transmogrified. Before we sold the boat we didn't have much boat stuff to blog about so I blogged a couple recipes, and then we sold the boat and...the rest is history.

      We get quite a bit of traffic from Small Boat Projects, so I should probably set up a link to a page full of our actual boating days, but in the meantime it's just a rude surprise for boat people.