03 May 2013

Goals Summary

Well.  May.  It’s here.  There’s no turning back now.
A few short weeks ago, I picked out some goals for April.
  • Make barefoot sandals for my beach party.  They are very lovely.  Maybe I will even include a picture.
  • I'm teaching all my friends a dance routine.  People, I am telling you right now: I have the best friends in the world.
  • I'm going to make seed bombs.  Heck yes!  Well, okay, I started them.  Would you like to see a post on seed bomb making?
  • I'm going to start planting my garden!  Yeah, I did nothing of the sort.  I did buy a basil plant and a rosemary plant though.
  • I made it my personal goal for the lake by my house to melt.  See the photo at the top of the post.
  • Wine bottling: done and done (I bottled two batches).  This means that ALL of my wine is bottled, and I get to take a break until we start seeing some fruit come into season!
  • I was a bridesmaid in a wedding!  Oh my gosh, what a fun night!  And the decorations were really fabulous too.
What?  Check out how much work I got done!  Well, it's the little wins that matter, and I definitely won some little battles this month.  I'm feeling pretty accomplished.
Here’s my secret: I pulled the plug on home internet mid-April.  In a pinch, I can still use my phone, but I would say I’ve gained a couple hours EACH NIGHT in time I used to waste on social networking and a couple other sites.  Now, I get home from work and there’s nothing to do but projects.  And honestly, I think with summer right around the corner, I’m not going to regret my decision.  We’ll see.  (FYI, after the first year of “promo rate” was over, Charter doubled the price of internet in a mere six months.  It was ludicrous.  If they can afford to give me internet for half the “normal” rate for a year, then they’re clearly taking my checkbook for a ride.  That’s in addition to the daily/weekly spam mail, spam phone calls, etc)
I don’t want to talk about May, but let’s talk about May.  Right now my to-do list is so big I have to scroll down to see it all.  That being said, I have no idea what to put on my goals list.
  • Survive.  Actually, thrive.  I know I’ll survive.  It’s a matter of how well I’ll handle it.
  • Be realistic about stress.  There are things to stress about, and there are things that aren’t worth stressing over.
  • Spend a night in the garden.  Maybe plant some things.  Enjoy the sunshine and the dirt.
  • I’ve got a budget that I haven’t been doing too well at.  Goal for May: stay within ten percent of my budget.  Better yet: under budget.
  • Blog once a week . It’s a little more difficult now that I don’t have internet at home, but since I can schedule my posts, it’s easy to get ahead and that’s how it’s done.
Okay, I feel like that’s a pretty worthy list.  I know I said April would be a wild ride, but it’s nothing compared to May.  Thank goodness for the support of friends and family.  That nightly glass of wine is a big help too.

Let’s do this.

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