24 May 2013

Kabob Skewers

This is barely a recipe.  This is easily the most customizable, delicious summer meal there is. 
Chop some vegetables into big chunks.  When I started this recipe, I realized I had barely any food left in the house.  Peppers and mushrooms.  Consider adding onions, seasonal veggies (Asparagus!  Wild leeks!), broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatillos, bok choy, and whatever else sounds good.
  Add the meat of your choice, chopped into bite-sized pieces.  Chicken or venison are my faves.
Skewer everything!  I got these awesome flexible stainless steel skewers.  I can't wait to grill with them!
The day I made these, it was a little on the windy side and my mini grill just isn't that robust.  That's okay, the broiler works just fine for these.  Add some spices - whatever you want!  Salt and pepper, for sure, and maybe something cajun or chipotle.
Broil for 5 minutes per side, making sure the meat gets cooked through.  These skewers were really easy to flip.
Roasted veggies are the best.
Serve these veggies over rice, cauli rice...or just by themselves!
One really great thing about these is that you can pretty much use anything.  Any veggies, any meat, any spices!  It's one of those perfect summer dishes.

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