29 May 2012

Garden Disasters

That's right.  My disasters are not just confined to the kitchen.  It's a little bit funny, because this is kind of a 'pre-kitchen' food disaster due to a pre-historic beast in my garden.  Cue the Jaws theme music.
Actually, this is just one beast of several, though by far the most interesting (and the only one caught on camera).  Internet, meet Giant Snapping Turtle.  Giant Snapping Turtle...please go away.  I swear, I leave for one week, and the whole neighborhood jumps in my garden.  There are holes everywhere.  The one below is most likely for a skunk looking for grubs.
And these holes were undoubtedly made by the snapper, with good odds that one of them is full of eggs.
I did NOT put all that effort into double digging just so that the neighborhoods animals could take it easy.  This garden is for food!  So, to protect my food, I enlisted Kyle's help in erecting a fence.
Low-tech, low-cost, and low-maintenance.  It might not last more than a year, but since this isn't my yard, I don't want anything too permanent.
Of course PVC was involved.  Is there ever a Kyle-project that doesn't use PVC?
Since the perimeter is my main access for the block beds, he left one side so that I could lower the fence and get to my plants for weeding and whatnot.  This fence, though necessary, is going to be extremely inconvenient.
Kyle buried the bottom edge of the fence to deter critters from going under the fence.
Voila!  A quick and dirty fence.  Who knows what will happen to my beans now, especially if they have a whole nest of eggs buried underneath them.  Only time will tell.  The good news is that the corn is up!


  1. Good grief!! Holy snapping turtles Batman!
    Not the common garden terror. Kudos to Kyle for building a barrier rather than taking the easy way out (involving weaponry with exploding projectiles).

    Good luck.

  2. Weaponry and exploding projectiles is how I wanted to handle it...I don't care for a garden full of baby snappers!