31 May 2012

Recap and Goals

May!  Most of the time when I write this post, I feel so glad that the previous month is over.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy life.  But May could have lingered for a while longer.  In particular, my week in Ecuador could have lingered on for a while, and Memorial Weekend definitely could have lingered - I still feel like I could go for more camping!  Possibly my favorite part of May, however, was the change in weather: it is finally warm enough to enjoy a cold beer out on the porch.  And I did.  On several occasions. 
  • Spanish lessons at lunchtime, which I totally did with ridiculous faithfulness (okay, maybe my resolve weakened on Fridays)
  • I went to Ecuador for a week!  Blog forthcoming.  Sneak peak above.
  • But I kept giving you blogs with a gardening theme...which was a real test of what I had learned as well.
  • We also went on a mini hiking trip with friends!  Blog forthcoming.  You know the drill.
  • Speaking of friends, one of mine just got a new job, so we had a celebration for him!  The fondue was a hit.
  • Bottle wine.  Wow.  This did not even come close to happening.  Which means that next month is going to require both bottling AND starting a new batch of wine.
As always, onward and upward.  What will June (June?!  Already?!) be bringing?
  • Well, wine.  Bottling, and starting a new batch.  Blueberry?  Depends on prices I guess.
  • Keep you updated on my garden!  Fun things are happening, and they make me feel like a successful human being!  Maybe I'll do a "harvest month" segment this fall to briefly cover things like canning/drying/freezing and seed saving.
  • I totally fell off the Paleo wagon with all this traveling, and I've been suffering the consequences.  So, first order of business, get back on track with chipotle meatballs with guacamole.
  • But, in all fairness, I'm already planning on falling off the wagon with Swedish Cloudberry Parfait (and since cloudberries are somewhat scarce in these parts, it will probably be strawberry with a hint of watermelon).
  • Summery things!  Memorial Day kicked off the great weather, so now it's time for camping and/or campfires!  Let's make it happen, friends!
  • Reformat my laptop.  I already know this isn't going to happen, but it IS on the list.  A (nerdy) girl can dream, right?
  • Kahlua!  Kyle's mom has a great recipe.  And if you're willing to make your own kahlua, you will undoubtedly be willing to make the chocolate syrup that goes into it.  Bob, if you read this, I believe we will join you for white russians sometime soon :)
 Such a great group to go hiking with!  And I just want to say that anything that involves new friends is definitely a worthwhile venture.  Oh, and let's not forget that one of the people in the above photo earned a fondue party for his new job!
So May...great month.  Great.  I really appreciate all the people in my life and all they do for me without even realizing it.  You guys are great!  And I also want to thank the people who have told me they like this blog...because sometimes I forget that people actually read it(!).  Anyway, it's nice to have a little validation every once in a while that I'm not just a crazy person cooking up kitchen disasters and garden foibles.  Speaking of which - I just found out today that I definitely planted radishes in some square footage dedicated to cucumbers.  Whoops!  Too late to do anything about it now :)


  1. Cliffhanger. Where did you hike? Look forward to reading about the hike and Ecuador etc.

  2. Hi Jim! We went down to southern Indiana...and blog posts on both Ecua and the hike are coming up this week!