04 May 2012

North Country Trail

Hiking.  It's a thing outdoorsy people do.  It differs from a walk in the woods in that you have a very large, full backpack.  Except when you're hiking, it's just called a pack.  These are things that you learn.
Image source:  northcountrytrail.org
You can't look for morels when you're hiking, because then you go too slow and everyone yells at you.  Where 'everyone' refers to Kyle.
This is one of those things where I think "okay, let just grab some gear and go!"  But there's actually a whole sub-culture surrounding this hobby, with very expensive, specialized gear and everything.
We were crouching because we weren't sure we were still in the shot :)
This isn't just a walk in the woods.  This isn't just camping in the wild.

These are things that you learn.

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