05 March 2012

Thundersnow 2012

I have never been a big fan of winter.  But there are some times that you can't help but just love it.  A great winter storm, some great trekking around in the snow, enjoying the beauty of the it all.
The wonderful slow horror of watching your vehicle disappear beneath a snowdrift...and shoveling it out the next morning.
 What better way to spend the day than to brave the trip over to Mom and Dad's to take care of their dog?
And finding Dad's snowshoes made it a lot easier to keep up with Zeppy.
Some of us slower folk had to entertain ourselves by just taking photos of the awesome snow-covered trees.
It was so much fun!  And gorgeous.  The perfect winter day.
Winter!  And Zeppy and snowshoeing and fun with the camera!

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