15 March 2012

Venison Bourguignon

Oh hey, here's another extremely time-consuming recipe.  I don't know why these always attract me.  Maybe because the end result is a true culinary wonder.
I followed Rachel's recipe, so I'm not going to repost the entire thing, just the photographic highlights :)

My parents provided a wonderful venison roast for this recipe, so of course I invited them to partake in the the spoils.  So start by cutting the roast into stew-sized pieces and coat them a quarter cup of flour and a sprinkling of salt.
Once coated, put that on the stove and start browning.  In the meantime, cut up some celery, onion, garlic and carrots and start cooking them in a large stewpot.
When the meat is browned, add it to the veggies along with around 3 cups of red wine (traditionally a burgundy is used to make beef burgundy).  This is just enough to cover the meat and leave a cup or so to drink while you cook everything.
 By now the smells have permeated the entire house, but you don't get to eat this delicious meal for another three days!  I started this on Thursday night for a Sunday noon meal.
Create a bouquet garni of rosemary, basil, thyme and two bay leaves.  A coffee filter makes this easy to pick out when you're ready to serve the meal.  Add this to the pot and simmer for three hours, stirring occasionally.
Simmer simmer simmer!
And then take it off the heat and let it sit for three days (no refrigeration necessary).  The day you wish to serve it, add a package of mushrooms and then simmer for three hours before serving.
 Enjoy with family, and a glass of nice red wine.
This is a good dish to serve over potatoes, or if you want to keep it Paleo, use almond flour in step 1 and serve it by itself! 

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