23 April 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day (Sunday) was a gorgeous, sunny day.  It was the perfect day to kick off Cadillac's 100 YARDen DASH - a 'dash' to begin or expand 100 gardens in the Cadillac area.  This event was put on by a group I am a part of (Transition Cadillac).
The last number I heard was around 150, which not only exceeded our goal, but also exceeded the number of signs that were available!  And this was only the kick-off - registration has not closed yet!  If you live in the greater Cadillac area, you can register your garden here!  There are workshops scheduled throughout the summer - the one I'm most looking forward to is a seed-saving workshop - and at the end of summer, we're planning a big harvest meal.  Last year we had a 100 mile radius potluck where everyone brought a dish made of ingredients that had been grown within 100 miles of Cadillac.  Pretty cool stuff!
How often do you see chickens in the park? 
We also had a local beekeeper bring a small hive with him.  See that tall box to the far right?  Those are bees, people.  You want to tread carefully over there.
And of course live music from the Earthworks Collective!  I just love Rachel Davis and May Bernard - they are both so adorable, and they have wonderful voices.  So now that the growing season has finally been kicked off, you can look forward to post on transplanting things later this week (and also get a sneak-peak at my garden)!  Hopefully I can get the garden double-dug this week and do some real planning.

Happy Earth Day!

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