30 April 2012

Garden Month!

The April showers have gone, and the May flowers are on their way!  Actually, I saw a lot of flowers in April too.  The winners of that beauty contest are definitely the Holland tulips.  I've been learning so much about growing things, and I'm really excited for my garden this year.  Therefore, I'm declaring May to be Garden Month on windsandwater.  Stay tuned for really exciting things!
But in the meantime, what was I supposed to be working on in April?
  • Work out 3.5 times a week on average. I did pretty well here.  Not perfect, but okay.
  • Watch a couple more TED talks.  Instead of TED talks, I've been doing Spanish lessons over my lunch hour.  I'm counting it.
  • Work on my garden.  Double dug a large section!  Plus I transplanted all of my sprouts and started a ton more.  It's going to be a great garden year.
  • Paleo Swedish Meatballs!  Absolutely delicious.

  • After Easter, Kyle and I planned a night of pizza and beer to celebrate the ability to consume cheese and beer again.  It happened, and it was awesome.  And I felt like crap for almost three days afterwards.  Turns out you can't just go from no carbs to tons of carbs.  Lesson learned.
  • Earth Day celebration!  We got over 150 new or expanded gardens signed up in this area. It's so exciting!  So many people will be growing their food this year.

And here's what May is going to bring:
  • More Spanish lessons at lunchtime, because...
  • I'm going to Ecuador for a week!
  • But I'm going to keep giving you blogs with a gardening theme.
  • We're also going on a mini hiking trip with friends!  
  • Speaking of friends, one of mine just got a new job, so we're going to have a celebration for him!  It will probably involve fondue.
  • Bottle wine.  I have a carboy of elderberry wine that's been sitting in my house for quite a while.  The pressure keeps changing, but I think that might have more to do with the barometer than the wine.  It's time to bottle it so I can get a new batch going.
That's a full month!  I'm finally going to get some traveling in AND see a long-lost friend.  May is going to be a month of celebration, travel, and fun.  And since May is also Garden Month, it's going to be full of learning, new growth, and DIRT.  Lots and lots of dirt.  Here's a sneak peak at our double-digging efforts:
I can't wait to show you all my garden!

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