18 April 2012

Elana's Mango Chicken

Fact:  if it weren't for Elana's Pantry, dinner would be a bland affair.
Fact:  dinner that involves curry, fresh ginger, sea salt and garlic is not bland.

Fact:  dinner last night was delicious.

I'm newly discovering the wonderful combination of fresh ginger, curry and coconut milk.  I'm newly discovering the superpowers of coconut and  coconut oil.

I'm lately in love with this song by Ximena Sariñana (and I have to admit the draw of the exotic name as well).

For the mango chicken recipe, go here.

For the pictures, stay here.

How many pictures do I have of onion being sauteed in oil?
And of course onion loves spices.
And I love peppers in everything.
If I made this recipe again (and I will), I'd skip the water.  Just don't do it.  Keep the coconut milk and mango though.  It's hard to make mango chicken without the mango.
I have a feeling I was supposed to brown the chicken before I added it to the pan.
People, this pan is at capacity.  It has reached its maximum number of occupants.  If this were a movement named Occupy Pan, we might need some police involvement.
Whoa!  Flavors bursting left and right!  Someone needs to settle this crowd down.  My teeth and taste buds were totally up for the job.
And can you say leftovers?  My favorite kind of recipe.

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