07 April 2012

Easter Appetizers

With the end of Lent, I'm taking a break from Paleo for a weekend.  Beer and cheese are definitely in my future.  So I'm very sorry, but this post will not be about Paleo appetizers.  You can find that here.

I've got three things planned - look for my actual results next week!  The one I'm most excited about is a cheese straw recipe from Ina Garten.   I saw the episode where she made these and fell in love.  How can you go wrong with puff pastry, cheese and fresh herbs?
Image source and recipe
Next, I'm going to take this relish and make some edits (no lime juice or cucumber, extra lime zest and mint), mix it with cream cheese, and make some cucumber rolls (recipe here).
Image source
Lastly, I picked up some asparagus from the Meijer Nearly-Dead cart, and using the same kind of salami I used for chips and pizza bites, I'm going to make some salami-wrapped asparagus.
Image source
Easter!  It's like Thanksgiving and springtime all rolled into one.  Family, friends and feasting!  Happy Easter, everyone!  And here's how everything actually turned out.

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