16 April 2012

Let's Get Candid

Last week was really busy and stressful.  Kyle, gem that he is, offered to make the salmon cakes I had planned on making.  And I, looking a gift horse in the mouth, said "Okay, but only if you take photos."  The salmon cakes were delicious.  The photos are non-existent.

But let's not have an "oh, shit" moment here.  That's not pretty.  Let's take this opportunity to get candid.

I am planning an epic vacation!  I realized I haven't had a real vacation in SO long, and it has been a rough year in terms of emotional stress in my life.  I have been taking care of the people I love without allowing myself some time to recuperate.

ECUADOR!  Expect me to be gone for a full week next month.  Blog status pending :)

I went on an epic mini-vacation!  We went to Grand Rapids this weekend.  It was such a fantastic weekend.  Expect to hear more later.  With photos.

I did my taxes...a couple weeks ago.  But I'm finally sending them in now.  Oops.

I feel like I'm accomplishing big things.  There were a lot of activities that were pending car purchase, and now that that's over with, I can get so many other things checked off my list.  #1, buy sunglasses.  I bought some.  They're awesome, and not falling apart like my old favorite pair.

I ate Paleo foods all weekend in Grand Rapids, and I don't think anyone even noticed I was sticking to a crazy diet.  And even better, I ate very tasty things all weekend. 

Okay, so I think I recovered from that well.  Now I'm going to kick back and enjoy my evening.  Real posts forthcoming!

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