13 April 2012

Vase Gem Magnets

Okay, here's the magnet project I've been putting off and finally got done :)
Seriously, these are SO thrifty and easy.  And customizable!  All you need are some glass vase gems (I got them at the dollar store), a few magazines, and magnets.

Okay, take one vase gem and use it like a magnifying glass.  Anything on the page that you think might make a good magnet - use a vase gem to know how the picture will distort.
Draw a circle around the vase gem and cut the picture out.
 Add some glue to the vase gem.
Put the cut out picture on the back, curling it to stay flush with the vase gem.
Let the glue dry!  Then flip over your gems and check out how awesome they are.
So awesome!  Now all you need to do is glue some magnets to them and stick 'em on your fridge!
I really love the passport magnet!  I also like the animal print magnets.


  1. great idea!! :-)

  2. What kind of glue did you use? Elmers?

  3. Yup, just regular old Elmers Glue